Weight Management

RiverFront MD has a simple, yet effective approach to weight management.

Medical Weight Loss Services

RiverFront MD has been helping clients to lose weight and keep it off for years. We actually started out as a local weight loss clinic where provided customized diet plans, and worked with clients on eating habits, hunger issues, and more. We know what works, and we know how to implement our services for maximum results. Also, our focus is to help you KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

What may be included in a weight loss program?

Every patient has different needs. Our providers will work with you to determine which program is best for you.

RiverFront MD’s recommendations may include:

  • Short term medical diet protocols
  • Prescription medications
  • Diet counseling and accountability
  • Exercise direction

Medications by Prescription

RiverFront MD may utilize a combination of medications which are prescribed by one of our physicians in our network, and customized to the individual.

RiverFront MD acts as a conduit for medical services, and reimburses doctors and pharmacies for their services. Before recieving a prescription item, a client must:

  1. Request services
  2. Fill out medical history forms
  3. Schedule a Telemedicine evaluation with a doctor in your state, from our contracted doctors network.
  4. Consult with the licensed medical professional

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HCG Diet Protocol

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