Sexual Health

At RiverFront MD, we specialize in anti-aging and wellness services that will help you to look and feel better. We offer some of the most cutting edge anti-aging products that are clinically proven. See the list of services we offer below. If you have any questions, give us a call at 866-465-4505.

Generic Viagra

Sildenafil Ultra 55MG

Viagra is faster acting than Cialis, but doesn't last as long. Usually an errection can be achieved between 30 minutes and 1 hour of use. When both Cialis and Viagra don't work, most clients choose to use Trimix Injections, which have a 90% effective rate.

Generic Cialis

Tadalafil 20MG
While Cialis takes a little longer to start working than Viagra, the effects last longer and the medications is often used as a daily medication taken in the morning so the individual will be ready for sexual arrousal at any point in the day. Cialis has a 75% success rate.


Penile Injections
TriMix is an injectable alternative to oral Erectile Dysfunction medications such as Viagra or Cialis. While oral ED meds only have a success rate of 50-75%, trimix injections have a 90% success rate. Trimix contains 3 medications: phentolamine, papaverine and alprostadil. TriMix can causae an erection in less than 5 minutes, unlike oral medications which usually take 1-2 hours.

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