Muscle Building Fitness Plan

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Muscle Building Subscription

This workout subscription program is available through Body Biology Fitness, which is a partner with RiverFront MD.
The Body Biology muscle building subscription plan offers the best training protocols to increase strength, with the principle of 'Time Under Tension'. Understanding how to best utilize time under tension will undoubtedly yield the most efficient training results, without the constant plateaus that most strength athletes experience.

Subscription Training

Details About Subscription Plans
Body Biology is a partner with RiverFront that offers a variety expert designed exercise and training programs. With their goal specific subscription training programs, clients choose their goal, if they will train at the home or gym, and what their level of fitness is. The program is then sent directly to the client on the Body Biology mobile app.

Backed by Professionals

Backed by Medical and Fitness Professionals
Body Biology is not only recommended by RiverFront MD and it's professionals as offering the best fitness programs for a wide variety of goals and issues, but Body Biology training plans are designed by licensed Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists, so that you know you are in the best hands. The Body Biology team really is a combination of some of the best minds, bringing cutting edge programming to clients who need help.

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