Fitness Programs

Ikon Fitness is a partner with RiverFront that offers a variety expert designed exercise and training programs. With their goal specific subscription training programs, clients choose their goal, if they will train at the home or gym, and what their level of fitness is. The program is then sent directly to the client on the Body Biology mobile app.

Weight Loss Subscription

Weight Loss – Made Easy
The Ikon Fitness weight loss subscription plan is desiend to get you more results, efficiently. That means that the workouts aren’t designed to make you hurt and wear out your body. They are meant to not only acheive your fitness goal, but to improve your overall health.

Athletic Performance Subscription

Accelerate Athleticism
The Ikon Fitness Athletic Performance subscription plan works with your body to increase form, function, strength, and agility, through expert designed movement patterns and training protocols. The Body Biology trainers and therapists understand how the body works and responds to different movements, and how to progressively increase all aspects of physicality while simultaneously improving the bodies ability to safeguard against injury.

Muscle Building Subscription

Increase Strength – Faster
The Ikon Fitness muscle building subscription plan offers the best training protocols to increase strength, with the principle of ‘Time Under Tension’. Understanding how to best utilize time under tension will undoubtedly yield the most efficient training results, without the constant plateaus that most strength athletes experience.

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