A medical consultation and review is required for all clients.
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BPC-157 Injections

1x BPC-157 2mg/ml (30 day protocol)

This wellness service is only available with a wellness consultation. During your consultation with the medical provider, you will discuss how BPC-157 can be utilized to meet your needs.
The human body has a remarkable system of self-healing and damage repair. One of the important components of this system is called the Body Protection Compound (BPC-157). Most individuals who buy BPC 157, use it to accelerate wound healing from muscle tears and sprains, joints and bones, and even damage to skin.

BPC 157

More details about Body Protection Compound 157

BPC-157 is a peptide made up of 15 amino acids and is produced by the body in the acidic environment of the stomach. The peptide has been known for its ability to heal, repair and regenerate.

Studies suggest that BPC-157 is useful in the treatment of ulcers in the digestive tract as well as management of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a group of inflammatory disorders of the digestive tract. BPC-157 also facilitates wound healing of various tissues, including skin, muscle, bone, ligament, and tendon.

Possible Benefits of BPC-157

Muscle Tissue / Tendons Repair
BPC 157 has the ability to quickly accelerate the repair of muscle and tendon damage.
Joint Healing
BPC-157 improves healthy tendon and ligament healing by speeding up the growth of fibroblasts, which are cells that produce collagen and other important fibers.
Bone Healing
BPC 157 is known to increase bone repair and bone health. Continued use may help to prevent injury.
Gut Health
BPC-157 has been shown to benefit ulcers in the stomach, and damage to the intestines such as fistulas and inflammatory disorders. BPC 157 can also help overcome problems related to short gut (SBS) and can help repair damaged tissues in the gut caused by inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). BPC 157 can also counteract some of the symptoms associated with taking aspirin, like bleeding.

BPC 157 is much more effective if it is delivered via injections, vs oral delivery methods. For wound healing, most clients will inject BPC-157 1-2x daily, for 15-30 days, depending on a number of individual factors.

Requires a TeleWellness Consultation

Before you Buy BPC-157
RiverFront MD offers medical services only to clients that meet a certain criteria. The combination of a clients health history and medical conditions are all used to determine if the client is a good fit for BPC-157 Injections. Before you can buy BPC 157, one of our medical professionals will need to go over your medical charts and consult with you through our telewellness system. If you are approved, your prescription for BPC 157 will be sent to a partner pharmacy to be filled, and all necessary supplies will be included.

BPC-157 from a Partner US Pharmacy

RiverFront MD works only with certified US Pharmacies
RiverFront MD is not a pharmacy, but we connect our clients to a medical provider, and work only with FDA regulated Pharmacies to help them recieve medical wellness services. You can rest assured that when you buy BPC-157 from RiverFront MD, that your prescription is compounded and tested for sterility and potency by a third party, as is required by all US pharmacies.

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