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Sermorelin / Ipamorelin Enrollment

1 Month of Ipamorelin 5mg

1 Month

1 Vial - Sermorelin / Ipamorelin


3 Months of Ipamorelin 5mg

3 Months

3 Vials - Sermorelin / Ipamorelin

$1140 $1040


*Medical Consultation Required

This service is only available with a Wellness Consultation. During your consultation with the medical provider, you will discuss the plan that best suits your goals. Enrollment is considered a request for services, and clients are not billed until after medical approval.


You will not be billed until after a consultation with a medical provider and approval. Your charges may be separate, as RiverFront MD and any Pharmacies RiverFront MD works with are are separate entities.

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