Age Management

Sermorelin(GHRH) is a powerful, yet very safe compound that has a profound effect on the body. River Front MD uses this GH Booster for a powerful effect that stimulates the secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. As we get older, the hormones produced by the anterior pituitary are depleted. It has now been shown that this GH Booster can restore the growth hormone to a youthful level.

What does that mean for me?

  • Reduction of fat*
  • Increasing energy from fat breakdown
  • Increases protein synthesis – increases lean muscle
  • Increasing muscle mass through sarcomere hyperplasia (additional division of the contractile unit of a muscle)
  • Decreases body fat and increases Lipolysis (fat burning)
  • Strengthens immune system – reduces risk factors for age related diseases
  • Strengthening of joints and connective tissue
  • Increases bone density – Increases calcium retention
  • Stimulates the growth of all internal organs to more a youthful state
  • Improving cognitive abilities

*The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study in 2008 of the effects Sermorelin had on HIV positive men suffering from lipodystrophy.
The study concluded that patients provided the Sermorelin lost adipose (fat) and increased lean muscle, significantly improving total body composition.
Conclusion: GHRH was well tolerated and effectively increased levels of IGF-1 in HIV-infected men with lipodystrophy.
Total and regional body composition improved in response to GHRH, with increased lean mass and reduced truncal and visceral fat. Use of GHRH may potentially be a beneficial treatment strategy for this population.
Growth Hormone–Releasing Hormone in HIV-Infected Men With Lipodystrophy

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